Bjork Cover Story – Billboard, July 2011

Bjork! What else is there to say? Well, a whole lot, especially about her new album, “Biophilia,” which will come out in September as a series of iPad apps. What I’ve heard of the album is gorgeous, and I was extremely grateful to be able to write about one of my favorite artists and her mind-boggling new project. Check out the full cover story, which led off Billboard’s 2011 Fall Preview package.


Bjork: The Billboard Cover Story




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Bon Iver Cover Story – Billboard, May 2011

It’s hard to describe the feeling of holding your first cover story in your hands. I was fortunate enough to experience that feeling after writing about folk artist Bon Iver’s tremendous sophomore album, “Bon Iver, Bon Iver.” I spoke to Justin Vernon about leaving his cabin in Wisconsin far behind; Jagjaguwar about promoting a quiet folk artist who has shared stages with Kanye West; and Rick Ross about how Vernon is a “fucking genius.” Read the entire cover story below!


Bon Iver: The Billboard Cover Story


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Explosions in the Sky Feature – Billboard, April 2011

This was a cool one: I wrote about the post-rock instrumental group Explosions in the Sky, their new album, playing basketball with Arcade Fire, and how a label promotes a group with no singer. Kinda short, but don’t be shy… check it out!


Explosions in the Sky Play B-Ball with Arcade Fire, Release ‘Take Care’ Album 



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Travis Barker Feature – Billboard, February 2011

Before all you Blink-182 fans write off Travis Barker’s solo album as a stopgap before the pop-punk group’s new album… well, yeah, that’s probably accurate. But “Give the Drummer Some” was a risky project that encapsulates the business savvy that the drummer flashes at times. Read all about his debut solo disc below.

Travis Barker: Inside His Hip-Hop Passion Project

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Soulja Boy Feature – Billboard, November 2010

HOP OUT OF THA BEEEEEEDDDDDD, TURN MA SWAG ONNNNNN… Okay, I’ll calm down. I wrote about Soulja Boy’s updated image and what he learned from Kanye West and 50 Cent on his third album, “The DeAndre Way.” Cool stuff! Check it out below.

Soulja Boy Meets World

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Cee Lo Green Feature – Billboard, October 2010

I’ve loved Cee Lo for a while — if you haven’t checked out his 2004 album “Cee Lo Green.. is the Soul Machine,” definitely do so — so it was a treat to interview him when “Fuck You” was in the process of becoming a monster hit. Read all about how “The Lady Killer” came together by clicking this here link.


Cee Lo Green Shows Off New Sound on ‘The Lady Killer’



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Bruno Mars Feature – Billboard, October 2010

I did a piece on Bruno Mars back in October, just as he was about to step into his own as a solo artist with “Doo-Wops and Hooligans.” Always cool to cover an artist just before he blows up. Click the link!

Bruno Mars Steps Into Spotlight on ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ 

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